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  • Jesus Is My King


    Tell the little ones a true story during their meal. Talk about what happened when the women witnessed an empty tomb and encountered an angel and Jesus after he resurrected.

    Product Details
    *BPA free
    *Do not microwave.
    *Recommended for children ages 3 and over.
    *This plastic placemat is made of a durable and flexible plastic.
    *Simplifies clean-up

    *Length: 17 5/8?
    *Width: 11 3/4?
    *Height: 0.02?

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  • Prayers For My Grandchildren


    Pray for Your Grandchildren, No Matter How Far Away They Are.

    Praying for your grandchild is a privilege and a responsibility as a grandparent.

    This placemat will be a daily reminder of how you can pray for each grandchild.

    Ask the Lord to give your grandchild the ability to grow spiritually, to be humble, to obey God, and to develop confidence.

    Pray scripture verses over your grandchild each day as you trust God to bless them. Just because you can’t spend as much time with your grandchildren as you’d like, doesn’t mean you can’t have a huge impact on their lives through your prayers.

    Make the most of every opportunity you have to pray for your grandchildren. And learn how to pray for your grandchildren more effectively.

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