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Night Vision : Making Sense Of Supernatural Dream Encounters


While you sleep, the Holy Spirit is still speaking!

What did that blue tree mean in your dream last night? Was it because of the pizza you had for dinner, or was God speaking to you?

Many believers really want to understand their dreams but aren’t sure where to start. In Night Vision, Dr. Charles Fox lays a solid foundation by offering the biblical basis for dreams and then shares his own personal journey of actual dream encounters and their interpretations. Practical advice, common dream symbols, and prayers of activation into greater night-encounters with the Lord remind the reader to stay grounded in the Word of God.

Night Vision will teach you how to:

*Interpret your own dreams
*Recognize God’s instruction, warning, and encouragement in the night seasons
*Respond to what God is speaking to you
*Discern the counterfeit dreams
*Interpret others’ dreams

There are heavenly encounters waiting for you when your head hits the pillow! Sharpen your “night vision” and begin communicating and fellowshipping with the Lord on a whole new level. Receive Dr. Fox’s wisdom and an impartation for more revelatory encounters in your dreams!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768462203
ISBN10: 0768462207
Charles Fox
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2022
Publisher: Destiny Image


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