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Melting A Heart Of Stone


If a reporter were tasked with analyzing the state of Christianity today by attending a typical Sunday service, they would probably conclude that all is well. The music is upbeat and joyful, the sermon clear and concise–with the aid of PowerPoint slides and a touch of humour–and visitors are met with plenty of friendly handshakes and greetings. But based on the conversation among Christians in social settings or on the internet, we see a different picture emerging; one of growing frustration and anxiety, and even some bitterness entering into our increasingly negative conversations.

With this in mind, consider the following questions:

1. Do our choices matter to God?
2. Can our attitude affect our destiny?
3. How do society’s attitudes compare with the days before the flood?
4. Is it possible to melt hearts that have hardened like stone?

Melting a Heart of Stone provides a biblical examination of the phenomena of anger, bitterness, and hardness of heart throughout history, delving into its root cause, negative effects, and the only possible solution. God is seeking those who through humility and repentance are willing to exchange their heart of stone for a heart of flesh.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781486618729
ISBN10: 1486618723
Carol McMurray
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2019
Publisher: Word Alive Press


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