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Its Not Just You


There’s no way other women are struggling sexually like I am. My church wouldn’t understand. Isn’t this a guy’s issue?

For too long Christian women have assumed they are alone as they navigate sexual struggles. Thinking they are the outlier, they keep silent and try face the battle all by themselves. But the truth is, if these thoughts sound familiar to you, you aren’t even close to the only one. Whether it takes the form of masturbation, viewing porn, same sex attraction, or sexual fantasies, it’s not just you. These temptations are common not only for men in the church, but many women, too.

So how do we fight against sexual sin as women? What do we do when there’s a disconnect between what the Bible says and how we feel and live? Written from the trenches of ministering to young women, young adult minister Ashley Chesnut explores why sexual sin is “sin” to begin with, and how Scripture speaks into topics like masturbation, oral sex, and sex robots-even when those words aren’t found in the Bible.

In these pages, you’ll be empowered with the truth that God has already won the war against sin, and the victory he offers you is available right this moment. As you examine his Word along with Ashley, you’ll be given exactly what you need to win in your own battles against sexual sin, and also to aid other sisters in the fight.

No, it’s not just you. And yes, you can have victory. Right now.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781087713465
ISBN10: 1087713463
Ashley Chestnut
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2021
Publisher: B and H Publishing Group


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