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Hope For The Praying Nation


You Are About to Discover Why God Loves You and Why He Loves America!

God’s purpose for this world is far from over. Your nation is worth saving and worth praying for.

Prayer is not merely the last resort of the weak, as some suggest. Prayer is the foundation of the wise, and at the heart of all that is noble and everlasting. When people open their hearts to God, He moves on their behalf in ways that are quite extraordinary, as history shows.

History is being written right now. Before your very eyes, a nation’s story is being told.
How do you respond?

You are not powerless and helpless; you have the greatest advantage imaginable:

In the midst of chaos and crisis-either national or personal-your voice can shape how history unfolds! Through this book, you will find hope and courage to pray to a God who loves you and wants to answer your prayers.

When people pray, God listens!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780768409710
ISBN10: 0768409713
Don Nori
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2016
Publisher: Destiny Image


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