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Comprehensive Guide To Science And Faith


Science Can–and Should–Support Your Faith

Science and Christianity are often presented as mutually exclusive to each other, when in fact the ordered nature of the universe serves as powerful evidence for the mind and majesty of its Creator. With this comprehensive resource that includes the very latest research, you’ll witness how the findings of scientists provide compelling reasons to give glory to God.

Featuring more than 40 entries authored by more than 30 qualified experts, you’ll better understand…

*how the concepts of intelligent design and creationism can fit into a scientific worldview

*the scientific findings that support the history and accounts found in the Bible

*the biases that lead to scientific information being presented as a challenge to Christianity–rather than a compliment

Whether you’re looking for answers to your own questions or seeking to explain the scientific evidence for your faith to others, The Popular Handbook of Science and Faith is an invaluable apologetic tool that will help you explore and analyze scientific findings in light of the truths found in the Bible.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780736977142
ISBN10: 0736977147
Editor: William Dembski | Editor: Casey Luskin | Editor: Joseph Holden
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2021
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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