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1st Love : Keeping Passion For Jesus In A World Growing Cold


Fervent passion for Jesus is often one of the first things to fade as we struggle through the daily grind of life, especially after grappling with disappointments and pain. Yet inherent in Jesus’s call to return to our first love is his promise to help us never to lose it–to have a heart sustained in joy, delight, and passion for him all of our days.International House of Prayer leader Dana Candler shares her own wrestle with weariness and unbelief, and reveals that a heart fully alive in Jesus is not only possible but is the promise and invitation of God’s infinite grace. First Love will guide you to:

– discover the root of a loss of fervency and live with a persistent hunger to know Jesus

– successfully navigate relational pain and circumstances that have led to offense, cynicism, and bitterness

– recognize distractions from the enemy and keep your love for God alive

– sustain a tender and burning heart that is unquenched in an hour of increasing darkness

Circumstances change, life plays out, and trials come, but love for Jesus is always to remain alive and provide the fire for your daily walk. The Holy Spirit doesn’t want to only maintain the passion inside of you, but to increase it!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780800762568
ISBN10: 0800762568
Dana Candler
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2022
Publisher: Chosen


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