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Tiz Huch

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  • Miracles By The Moment


    Are you tapping into the miracles that God promised you?

    This book will change my perspective of God to see that no matter what the enemy or the world throws at me, He has given me thousands of promises to overcome these obstacles.

    For forty-five years, Larry and Tiz Huch have been teaching believers how to access the promises God has given in His Word. They have shared keys for activating, receiving, and releasing miracles, and taught principles of faith and prayer to help believers reach God’s great destiny for their lives.

    But in the last three years, the Huchs have gained an even deeper revelation of how to overcome the enemy’s attacks and access God’s promises as they walked through two life-altering traumas–and two life-altering victories. Both Tiz Huch and the Huchs’ seven-month-old grandson, Lion, were diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer and faced grim prognoses. But God had the last word!

    In Miracles by the Moment, pastors Larry and Tiz Huch share their journey through one of the most challenging seasons of their lives and how they walked out, moment by moment, the foundational principles of prayer and faith they’ve lived by and taught for years. Drawing lessons from the Huchs’ journey as well as others who walked through different circumstances, this book offers hope and encouragement for those facing various types of challenges–in their families, marriages, finances, careers, or health.

    Sometimes breakthrough comes in the form of one giant miracle. More often, it comes in the form of thousands of small miracles that add up to huge breakthroughs! We don’t have to beg God to help and bless us. He already has! This book will teach readers what God promises us and the steps they can take to enter into those promises.

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  • Liberando Bendiciones Familiar – (Spanish)


    Los pastores Larry y Tiz Huch han tenido que vencer muchos de los retos que las familias afrontan actualmente, desde maldiciones generacionales hasta conflictos de personalidad. Y lo que Dios ha hecho por ellos, lo hara tambien por usted cuando confie en El y modele su matrimonio y su hogar segun su huella divina: la Santa Biblia.

    En Liberando Bendiciones Familiares, sea capacitado por las perspectivas que ellos tienen sobre el plan de Dios para la familia a medida que descubra como…
    *Salvaguardar su matrimonio
    *Hacer cumplir la disciplina piadosa en su hogar
    *Romper maldiciones generacionales y liberar bendiciones generacionales
    *Proteger a sus hijos de las trampas del mundo
    *Convertir su familia en un modelo del amor de Cristo
    *Recibir equipamiento sobrenatural para resolver conflictos
    *Experimentar el gozo sin limite que Dios tiene preparado para quienes son obedientes a El

    La familia debe ser un faro de esperanza, amor y redencion, una luz que atraiga a otros hacia Aquel que diseo la familia desde un principio. Unase a Larry y Tiz en una aventura de confiar en Dios para hacer que su matrimonio y su familia sean abundantemente mejores de lo que usted imagino nunca.

    Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch have had to overcome many of the challenges facing couples and parents today, from generational curses to personality conflicts, to create the wonderful marriage and family they’ve enjoyed for more than three decades. And what God has done for them, He’ll do for you, too, when you trust in Him and model your marriage and household after His divine blueprint: the Holy Bible.

    In Releasing Family Blessings, be empowered by their insights on God’s plan for the family as you discover how to…
    *Safeguard your marriage
    *Enforce godly discipline in your home
    *Break generational curses and release generational blessings
    *Protect your children from the snares of the world
    *Make your family into a model of Christ’s love
    *Receive supernatural equipping to resolve conflicts
    *Experience the boundless joy God has in store for those who are obedient to Him

    The family is meant to be a beacon of hope, love, and redemption-a light that draws others to the One who designed families in the first place. Join Larry and Tiz on an adventure of trusting God to make your marriage and family exceedingly and abundantly better than you ever imagined.

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