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L. Daniel Hawk

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  • Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations


    Introduction: Why Postcolonial Conversations Matter

    Reflection On Postcolonial Friendship
    Brian D. McLaren

    The Importance Of Postcolonial Evangelical Conversations
    Steve Hu

    A Response To The Postcolonial Roundtable: Promises, Problems And Prospects
    Gene L. Green

    The Postcolonial Challenge To Evangelicals

    Prospects And Problems For Evangelical Postcolonialisms
    Robert S. Heaney

    Part 1 Mission And Metanarrative: Origins And Articulations
    Introduction To Part 1- L. Daniel Hawk

    1. From Good: “The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian”; To Better: “Kill The Indian And Save The Man”; To Best: “Old Things Pass Away And All Things Become White!” An American Hermeneutic Of Colonization
    L. Daniel Hawk And Richard L. Twiss

    2. North American Mission And Motive: Following The Markers
    Gregory L. Cuellar And Randy S. Woodley

    3. Postcolonial Feminism, The Bible And The Native Indian Women
    Jayachitra Lalitha

    4. Converting A Colonialist Christ: Toward An African Postcolonial Christology
    Victor Ifeanyi Ezigbo And Reggie L. Williams

    Part 2 The Stories Behind The Colonial Stories
    Introduction To Part 2 – Kay Higuera Smith

    5. Tracing The Metanarrative Of Colonialism And Its Legacy
    Teri R. Merrick

    6. American Exceptionalism As Prophetic Nationalism
    Kurt Anders Richardson

    Part 3 Revisioning Evangelical Theology
    Introduction To Part 3 – Jayachitra Lalitha

    7. The Apocalypse Of Colonialism: Notes Toward A Postcolonial Eschatology
    Christian T. Collins Winn And Amos Yong

    8. Jesus/Christ The Hybrid: Toward A Postcolonial Evangelical Christology
    Joya Colon-Berezin And Peter Goodwin Heltzel

    9. Recovering The Spirit Of Pentecost: Canon And Catholicity In Postcolonial Perspective
    Megan K. DeFranza And John R. Franke

    Part 4 Transforming The Evangelical Legacy
    Introduction To Part 4 – Kay Higuera Smith

    10. The Problem And Promise Of Praxis In Postcolonial Criticism
    Federico A. Roth And Gilberto Lozano

    11. Embracing The Other: A Vision For Evangelical Identity
    Kay Higuera Smith

    12. Healthy Leadership And Power Differences In The Postcolonial Community: Two Reflections
    Nicholas Rowe And Ray Aldred

    13. Christian Disciplines As Ways Of Instilling God’s Shalom For Postcolonial Communities: Two Reflections
    Nicholas Rowe And Safwat A. Marzouk

    Part 5 Closing The Circle
    Introduction To Part 5: The Evolution Of The Postcolonial Roundtable
    Joseph F. Duggan

    14. Hosting A True Roundtable: Dialogue Across T

    Additional Info
    How does the church respond to issues of imperialism, race and globalization? Constructing an evangelical postcolonial theology may be the solution to dealing with these ever-growing issues. Gathering together essays presented at the 2010 Postcolonial Roundtable at Gordon College, this groundbreaking volume seeks to reconcile the ugly history of cultural dominion and colonialism with new perspectives on global society. Rethinking and reimagining the concepts of identity, power, interpretation and historiography through the lens of Christianity, the editors provide readers with new ways of understanding and bettering the world. “The Christian faith of the future must be a joint enterprise in which the descendants of the colonized and the descendants of the colonizers come together, reflect on the past and imagine a different and better future together,” contributor Brian McLaren states. “That work will involve risks and dangers for both groups, and the contributions of both are essential. One lesson the gospel surely teaches us is this: we are all connected.” Addressing themes like nationalism, Christology and western conquest, contributors discuss reasons Christians need to be careful how they frame their conversations on global topics. The language of “mission” can be misconstrued in light of postcolonial perspectives, and the essays dig into the role of evangelicalism in modern Christian outreach to help us keep pace with what God is doing in our era.

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