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  • Finish Line : Dispelling Fear, Finding Peace, And Preparing For The End Of


    Facing your ultimate death can be scary, but in light of God’s promises, it doesn’t have to be. Finish Line provides practical and biblical help on topics such as finances, blessing others, end-of-life choices, heaven, and caring for those you leave behind so you can approach your own finish line with hope, joy, and peace.

    It’s normal to have questions about how to face the last season of our lives well, and though we long to end our lives with grace and gratitude, sometimes we feel fear and uncertainty instead.Robert Wolgemuth knows what it is like to face death, having lost his first wife of almost 45 years to cancer and battling cancer twice himself. Finish Line distills a lifetime of spiritual wisdom as Robert helps you:

    *Find true peace and reassurance about the end of life

    *Discover the things you can do to prepare those you love before you die

    *Understand the truth about heaven and what God has for his followers in the next life

    *Learn from people in the Bible about what crossing the finish line should–and shouldn’t–look like

    *Take care of specifics such as planning your funeral service, determining end-of-life issues, and preparing a will

    *Let go of physical, relational, and emotional clutter

    *Receive what God has for you in your final years

    A rich guide for this season of your life, Finish Line offers unvarnished–even lighthearted–truth to comfort your heart, practical help to ease your mind, and a reminder of God’s promises to comfort your spirit so you can look toward your own finish line with both peace and hope.

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  • Gettin Old Aint For Wimps Volume 2


    ” It takes grit and wit to keep standing when your skin doesn’t fit the way it used to, when you think someone stole your car but in truth you forgot where you parked it, when your grandchild looks at your figure and observes, ‘Grandma, you look like a teenager– except for your face!'”
    –Karen O’Connor

    This second volume of Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps celebrates the most beloved stories of acclaimed humorist Karen O’Connor. These funny and relatable tales of fellow Baby Boomers navigating theirs Golden Years will encourage you to cherish every antic and adventure that comes with growing older.

    Gettin’ Old Ain’t for Wimps Volume 2 is a heartfelt, joyful reminder to keep living to the fullest, no matter how much life you’ve got behind you. In addition to Karen’s signature wit and wisdom, you’ll find scriptures and prayers to nurture your spirit and remind you to keep your eyes on the One who made you, who numbered your days, and who promises that He will never leave nor forsake you, right up to your last breath–and beyond!

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  • Aging Faithfully : The Holy Invitation Of Growing Older


    Every new year of life is an undiscovered country.

    There’s no map through our later years, and the new terrain can bring anxiety and uncertainty, when our souls are more preoccupied with what has been lost than what is to come. While our physical stamina, independence, and career fulfillment decline, each of these losses invites us to grow, inward and upward. God calls us to let go of our need for fulfillment and embrace the gift of fruitfulness so that we might be transformed in this final season of our lives.

    In Aging Faithfully, spiritual director Alice Fryling guides our walk with God in a vulnerable time, listening for his voice and responding. As we age, something unusual happens: God renews us from within, when we allow him access. As we accept our responses to the aging process, we grow closer to God and experience his grace.

    Are you open to increased hope, joy, and transformation? Would you like to grow in life-giving ways–no matter the circumstances? Do you have the courage to let go of former ways of thinking to receive love and life in new ways?

    We all age differently, and God calls each of us to new spiritual birth as we mature. Whether you are approaching the beginning, middle, or end of your senior years, you are invited. Come and be transformed.

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  • Aging With Grace


    Aging with Grace by the Power of the Gospel

    There are many blessings that come with age: retirement, grandchildren, travel, and life experience. Today’s culture, however, marginalizes old age, often portraying it as burdensome and hopeless. Many older women can feel like an encumbrance rather than a blessing to their friends and family members. In response to these struggles, Sharon Betters and Susan Hunt encourage women to find hope through both real-life and biblical accounts of women who rediscovered gospel-rooted joy later in life. In each chapter, readers will be encouraged as they experience afresh a gospel that is big enough, good enough, and powerful enough to make every season of life significant and glorious.

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  • Making Meaning In Older Age


    Making meaning in life can be challenging at any age. However, making and sustaining meaning in advancing age can be especially difficult due to physiological changes, declining health, and multiple losses. From years of personal and professional experience, and with much warmth, the authors address the multifaceted nature of meaning and offer practical ways in which older adults can find and sustain meaning despite the transitions experienced with advancing age. They also offer ways in which family members can help their aging loved ones in their journey of meaning-making. Bringing together the pieces of one’s life through meaning-making is vital for older adults and offers a precious gift for their loved ones!

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  • Grace Factor : Makeup Techniques For The Woman Over 50


    This is a book about beauty for women who are aging! In a world that embraces and values youth. You can’t be made beautiful in the way you were when you were younger. But this book can help you appreciate what you have and make the most of what you have with these simple techniques. Every woman will find a WOW moment in the grace Factor

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  • Gettin Old Aint For Wimps


    In this encouraging look at the passages of life, speaker and author Karen O’Connor urges her post-fifty friends to “laugh and love all the way home to the Father’s house.” With humor, wisdom, and vigor, Karen shares personal and gathered stories about the blessings of surviving and surpassing middle-age. for those who have already traded in their wimp status for a more courageous existence or those still wondering about what may be ahead, this delightful read affirms that the latter decades are filled with God’s wonders, promises, and sensational joys.

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