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  • Full Time : Work And The Meaning Of Life


    We were created to work, and our work provides unique meaning and purpose in our lives. Yet today we are living in a crisis of apathy and ignorance regarding work’s theological and existential nature.

    There is no shortage of books pleading with people to work less, to find “balance,” to think less of career and more of the things that bring them “happiness.” Likewise, there is no shortage of books making the case that work matters a great deal–that good things come from fruitful labor. This book belongs in neither of those categories.

    In Full-Time: Work and the Meaning of Life, David Bahnsen makes the case that our understanding of work and its role in our lives is deeply flawed–we are unmoored from what he calls “created purpose.” He argues that the time has come to stop tip-toeing around the issues that matter, that separating one’s identity from what they do is demonstrably false, and that this era of alienation is for many a direct result of a low view of work. It is in work–effort, service, striving–of every kind that we discover our meaning and purpose; a significant and successful life is one rooted in full-time productivity and cultivation of God’s created world.

    This book is not your normal “defense of work” book. Whether you are a leader, a follower, a boss, an employee, in a white collar or blue collar job, highly paid or “just getting by,” this book is for you. A life of meaning is right under your nose, and with it the joy and peace of a life well-lived.

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  • 100 Days Of Strength In Any Struggle


    What if you could see God clearer and know Him deeper in the middle of your struggles? You don’t have to keep trying to muster up more grit, willpower, or wisdom on your own. You can tap into the source of true, unfailing strength. How? In this 100-day devotional, you’ll discover where strength really comes from?Jesus, who holds everything together. As you experience pain, move through daily challenges, or get bogged down by anxieties big or small, you’ll learn to find Him right in the middle of it, ready to strengthen you and give you rest. You are stronger than you think because God is closer than you know. (in)courage is an online community of women who seek Jesus together. Each day we meet you right where you are, as one of our writers shares what’s going on in her everyday life, and how God is right in the middle of it all. They bring their unique experiences – joys and struggles equally – so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives. Founded in 2009 by DaySpring, (in)courage comes alongside women through daily devotions, podcasts, books, and Bible studies.

    *This Devotional Journal by (in)courage offers genuine support amidst life’s challenges, reminding us that God is with us when life doesn’t go as planned.

    *Each day, readers can dive into authentic stories, empowering Scriptures, and thought-provoking prompts, providing the guidance needed to harness strength and resilience regardless of changing circumstances.

    *Perfect for those seeking to navigate life’s challenges with faith and strength, or a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

    *This devotional journal is brought to you by the (in)courage community, an online community of women who share their everyday life and how God is right in the middle of it, so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope of Jesus.

    *This paperback journal features an elegant gold foil design, contains 208 pages of inspiration, and measures 6.5 x 8 inches. It also includes a ribbon bookmark for easy tracking and a beautiful 4-color interior.

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  • Even When : Experiencing God’s Presence During Difficult Days – 40 Devotion


    From award-winning author Sara Cormany, Even When is a raw and reflective devotional that ushers readers into God’s presence during difficult times and reminds us that even our hardest stories are written by the hand of a good God.

    In these uniquely challenging and unprecedented post-pandemic times, the notion that God’s goodness ensures an easy journey has been met by the unfaltering truth that life is hard. It’s not a question of if there will be trials, but when. Sara Cormany knows this reality all too well. However, through personal health complications and family tragedy, she has chosen to believe that Jesus is enough.

    Even When beautifully weaves together the inevitability of hard times with the unyielding heart of God’s goodness and inspires readers to experience His presence amid the storm in their lives. Each devotion begins with an “Even when…” statement, followed by a poignant personal story, a Bible verse, and a thought-provoking question that will encourage readers to embrace the truth that God is enough — even in our darkest moments.

    This powerful devotional helps readers to:

    *Become more comfortable with the difficult truth that life not only can, but will be hard.
    *Reflect on where God has shown up in their own hardships.
    *Experience God’s goodness while enduring life’s challenges.
    *Explore what it looks like to “suffer well” and trust God as Jesus did on the Cross.
    *Love God and know God’s love in a fallen world.

    Vulnerable and authentic, Even When strikes a universal chord and points readers toward the heart of God’s goodness in even the most challenging of circumstances, knowing that even when life is hard, He is always good

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  • Fight The Good Fight


    Hard choices lie ahead, Christians. The bestselling team of James Robison and Jay Richards show what’s at stake in our post-Christian society, how to prepare, and why we must never forget that the battle, above all, is spiritual.

    Our rulers have kicked aside our Constitution and common sense. They have demonized our heroes. Now they’re trying to erase the difference between male and female. All while running up unimaginable and catastrophic debt.

    What’s left for Christians in such a society, where dissent invites ruinous retribution? Should they retreat? Fight back? Something else?

    God is not finished with us as a nation, but if we’re going to get off the road to ruin, we must do more than slow down and conserve whatever good remains: We must repent. That means a hard, 180-degree turn–and fast.

    If we’ll pray, think straight, persuade other lovers of truth to join us, and fight together–wise as serpents and innocent as doves–then there’s still hope.

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  • Jesus Make Me Fully Alive


    No matter what stage of the game you’re in, today’s schedules are b-u-s-y. Classes or work, coffee meetups, pickup pickleball games, time with family-you name it. The calendar tends to keep the social commitments and professional pressures high.

    In somewhat quieter moments of adulting, you may be combing apps for common ground, seeking community, and somehow still feeling as though you’re just going through the motions.

    Associate chaplain of the St. John Paul II Newman Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Fr. Tim Anastos says that when we take our prayer life seriously, approaching God with confidence and making a regular Holy Hour, Jesus begins to replace anxiety, insecurity, and doubt with love, freedom, and eternity.

    “Living in this world can easily drain us of life and joy, making us half alive, like zombies,” Anastos writes. “Jesus, Make Me Fully Alive can help recharge our relationship with Christ. Holy Hours are not just meant for the pope or the saints or ‘holy people.’ They are meant for you.”

    Beginning where you are (a few minutes for intentional prayer or an entire hour spent in Adoration), Anastos’s thirty Holy Hour exercises will help you easily engage with Jesus in prayer, building your personal relationship with God. You’ll also encounter:

    *personal examples of how Adoration made a difference in Fr. Anastos’s own prayer life, *suggestions about how to incorporate lectio divina in your prayer, and
    *imaginative prayer and spiritual journaling you can tap into before the Blessed Sacrament.

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  • Reaching For Heaven


    As you grow older, you’ll find that life takes on a new rhythm, one where you can shed the responsibilities that once consumed your days. The hours at work and the bustling activities of parenthood or other vocations have now transformed into something different-a fresh chapter of life, filled with new opportunities for reflection and growth. It’s your time to pivot and focus on how God will judge your life and how to make a final push for getting to heaven.

    Through personal stories, humor, and practical advice, Michael Amodei-a lifelong Catholic with a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary and the University of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish-shares fourteen practices to help enrich your spirituality as you strive for heaven.

    In Reaching for Heaven, seasoned book editor Michael Amodei shares what older Catholics need to hear to make the most of their time. “This book is a kind of wake-up call,” he writes, “a chance to become a better Catholic so that when we face that one-on-one with Jesus, we don’t have to fear what is coming.”

    He contends that even a small investment in time and energy thinking about your golden years can have a rich payoff as you remember the past, act in the present, and plan for the future. He builds on his own spiritually rich memories-including his view from the fifty-yard line at Notre Dame Stadium-to show how you can invent your own life plan by selecting from spiritual habits and practices that have formed and strengthened Catholics for centuries. By creating both short- and long-term goals, you can:

    *cultivate a deeper prayer life by praying the Liturgy of the Hours;

    *get more out of scripture by taking a class or participating in a group Bible study;

    *make a pilgrimage to a holy site or shrine (Amodei recommends the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto either in France or at the University of Notre Dame);

    *correct past wrongs and heal past injuries not only by apologizing to someone you’ve hurt but also by making amends;

    *strengthen family bonds by writing notes to tell family members what you appreciate about them; and

    *draw closer to Mary by consecrating yourself to her.

    He guides you to use the power of memory to shape your understanding of who God is and who you truly are by putting what you learn into practice incrementally over time to achieve the optimal plan for meeting Jesus face to face. This plan can lead you towards Judgment Day with confidence, knowing that you’ve lived a life dedic

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  • Nearing A Far God


    SKU (ISBN): 9781641586733ISBN10: 1641586737Leslie FieldsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: February 2024Publisher: NavPress

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  • Idolatry In America


    There’s a deadly truth behind our nation’s famine.

    After reading this book, you will understand the deadly grip of sin and its destructive nature for your personal life and community. You will learn how you can repent and seek God for a spiritual awakening in our nation.

    Sin stops the rain.

    Moses predicted it at Mount Sinai. Solomon prayed about it at the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem. Israel experienced it under the disastrous reign of Ahab and Jezebel.

    The sin that particularly plagued ancient Israel was idolatry. The drought they experienced was more than just a lack of water. Amos 8:11 says, “The time is coming, says the Lord God, when I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.”

    Here in America, the megadrought that has gripped much of the West and portions of the heartland has made headlines. The Mississippi River was so low that barges were getting stuck on the bottom. Lake Mead has been at historically low levels. The Great Salt Lake in Utah is disappearing. Negotiations for allocations of water from the Colorado River are becoming more and more contentious. Could it be that these conditions are only harbingers of a more systemic and serious spiritual famine?

    Sin stops the rain. In Idolatry in America, Dr. Rod Parsley identifies ten major areas of idolatry that have overtaken our country’s culture. Any one of them is deadly, but together they constitute an unprecedented threat to the very existence of our nation. There is a cure for this cultural epidemic–a way to walk back from the brink of moral and spiritual disaster. The choice is stark. The consequences are severe. The outcome will be stunning.

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  • Moral Leadership : Integrity, Courage, Imagination


    Addressing the crises in American public life–whether in a local community, an educational institution, or a global organization–calls for genuine moral leadership, anchored in intellectual and ethical integrity, a vision of and commitment to the public good, and personal investment in transformative community.

    Drawing on a lifetime of witnessing, emulating, and nurturing leaders, Robert Michael Franklin proposes a model for such leadership at every level of public life. Moral Leadership offers ways in which readers in whatever context can discover and foster those qualities in themselves, and become the change they want to see.

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  • How Ableism Fuels Racism


    As a Black autistic pastor and disability scholar, Lamar Hardwick lives at the intersection of disability, race, and religion. Tied to this reality, he heeded the call to write How Ableism Fuels Racism to help Christian communities engage in critical conversations about race by addressing issues of ableism.

    Hardwick believes that ableism–the idea that certain bodies are better than others–and the disability discrimination fueled by this perspective are the root causes of racial bias and injustice in American culture and in the church. Here, he uses historical records, biblical interpretation, and disability studies to examine how ableism in America led to the creation of images, idols, and institutions that perpetuate both disability and racial discrimination.

    He then goes a step further, calling the church into action to address the deep-seated issues of ableism that started it all and offering practical steps to help readers dismantle ableism and racism both in attitude and practice.

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  • How Ableism Fuels Racism


    As a Black autistic pastor and disability scholar, Lamar Hardwick lives at the intersection of disability, race, and religion. Tied to this reality, he heeded the call to write How Ableism Fuels Racism to help Christian communities engage in critical conversations about race by addressing issues of ableism.

    Hardwick believes that ableism–the idea that certain bodies are better than others–and the disability discrimination fueled by this perspective are the root causes of racial bias and injustice in American culture and in the church. Here, he uses historical records, biblical interpretation, and disability studies to examine how ableism in America led to the creation of images, idols, and institutions that perpetuate both disability and racial discrimination.

    He then goes a step further, calling the church into action to address the deep-seated issues of ableism that started it all and offering practical steps to help readers dismantle ableism and racism both in attitude and practice.

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  • Sharing Jesus Showing Kindness


    How You Act Matters

    Many churches struggle with the impact of the dramatic and sweeping changes that mark our time. People identify as nones (no religious affiliation) or dones (formerly churched but now dechurched). So how do we reach people and disciple believers in this cultural shift? How does the church have a positive impact for Christ in a broken world? The answer is found in history!

    Go back to what the early church did: show kindness to a broken world–the Great Commandment. Go back to the church’s mission: share the good news of Jesus Christ–the Great Commission.

    Filled with practical applications and stories of real impact, Sharing Jesus, Showing Kindness will encourage and equip you and others to get out of the church building and into the community. You’ll be inspired to make an impact with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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  • Birdies Bogeys And Blessings


    See You on the 19th Hole

    Golf is one of the most difficult sports to play well. But practicing the sport can promote honesty, integrity, and patience. Golf can be enjoyed in an afternoon with your buddies, your family, or even business partners. A golfer can experience both euphoria and disappointment on the same hole.

    Being good at this sport requires endurance, humility, and practice. The same can be applied to your daily walk with the Lord. Read about what some of the most famous golfers to play the game have to say about the sport, the God they love, and the faith required to hit a hole-in-one on and off the course.

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  • Good Life : 15 Essential Habits For Living With Hope And Joy


    In this internationally bestselling book, Pope Francis shares fifteen rules for how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

    Life can be hard, but no matter what challenges you are facing, Pope Francis wants you to know you were created by God for this moment. There is always a way to find joy and to celebrate the wonder of the life we have been given.

    In this brand-new book, Pope Francis offers fifteen mindsets that allow readers to find hope and meaning in every circumstance. He encourages us to defend and protect the light that shines in us, to believe in the beautiful, to find meaning in the struggles, to work for peace, and to build something wherever we are. He also reminds us of the importance of gratitude, warns Christians against complacency, and encourages real, face-to-face connection over conversations merely on screens. He points us toward the light, and also opens up with powerful vulnerability about times he has faced the darkness himself, calling us all to meaningful prayer.

    None of us knows how many days are left before us. The wisdom in this heartfelt collection will encourage, inspire, equip, and ultimately help you to live a beautiful and meaningful life.

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  • Enduring Friendship : Sticking Together In An Age Of Unfriending


    Friendships are difficult.

    Sometimes it can seem as if friends are more work and pain than they’re worth, with friendship challenges that we have to endure and struggle through. Life gets in the way of our well-intentioned efforts to connect. Conflicts and differences over serious issues divide us and make us think that we could never be close to a person ever again. In today’s cancel culture, it’s easy to give up on people and just walk away, leaving us all more isolated than before. How can we build real relationships that are life giving and pass the test of time?

    Bryan Loritts mines one of the Bible’s least-known books for insights into how friendships can flourish even in the midst of sin and brokenness. With careful exposition and insight, he unpacks how the apostle Paul helped Philemon and Onesimus reconcile a most unlikely relationship with truth, repentance, and grace. With God’s work and steadfast love, even the most painful relationships that have ruptured are not beyond the reach of forgiveness and reconciliation. Discover how friendships that are hard can be transformed into friendships that endure.

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  • How To Use The Book Of Common Prayer


    In recent years there has been a revival of interest in the Book of Common Prayer, especially the classic 1662 version. Beloved for its language and theology, the classic Prayer Book is the fountainhead for almost all later editions of the Book of Common Prayer and remains a widely recognized standard for worship in the Anglican tradition. More than simply a collection of prayers, the Book of Common Prayer offers a transformative engagement with the Bible and a framework for our spiritual lives.

    In How to Use the Book of Common Prayer, Samuel Bray and Drew Keane (editors of The 1662 Book of Common Prayer: International Edition) introduce the classic Prayer Book to newcomers. Beginning with a brief history and case for liturgical prayer, they walk through daily morning and evening prayer, baptism and Communion, the church year, and the Prayer Book’s plan for reading the Bible. This is not only an introduction to the Prayer Book-it’s a guide to letting it form your faith.

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  • Servant Lawyer : Facing The Callenges Of Christian Faith In Everyday Law Pr


    How does everyday law practice relate to Jesus’ call to follow him in servanthood? For students considering a career in law as well as for seasoned attorneys, this honest and accessible book from Robert F. Cochran Jr. casts an encouraging vision for how lawyers can love and serve their neighbor in every facet of their work.

    Most lawyers, from Wall Street to the county seat, spend their days drafting documents, negotiating with other attorneys, trying cases, researching the law, and counseling clients. How does this everyday law practice relate to Jesus’ call to follow him in servanthood?

    With decades of experience in the law office, courtroom, and classroom, Robert F. Cochran Jr. explores Jesus’ call on lawyers to serve both individual clients and the common good. Cochran pulls back the curtain with stories from his own career and from the legal community to address a wide range of challenges posed by law practice, including counseling clients, planning trial tactics, navigating tensions with coworkers, and handling temptations toward cynicism and greed. This honest and accessible book:

    *shares wisdom from an experienced practitioner and master teacher
    *addresses real-world situations and relationships experienced by most lawyers
    *charts the way toward a truly Christian practice of everyday law

    For students considering a career in law as well as for seasoned attorneys, The Servant Lawyer casts an encouraging vision for how lawyers can love and serve their neighbor in every facet of their work.

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  • Looking Up : A Birder’s Guide To Hope Through Grief


    “Look at the birds”

    Through the painful days of the pandemic stuck in her home, Courtney Ellis found herself looking down in despair. Soon after, her beloved grandfather died unexpectedly.

    It was around this same time that Ellis took up watching birds. “Took up” might not be exactly right–as she puts it, “the switch flipped,” and she’s been borderline obsessed with birds ever since.

    Looking Up is a meditation on birding as a practice of hope. Weaving together stories from her own life, including the death of her grandfather, with reflections on birds of many kinds, Ellis invites us to open our eyes to the goodness of God both in the natural world and in our own lives. By “looking up” to the birds, Ellis found the beauty and wonder of these creatures calling her out of her darkness into the light and hope of God’s promises.

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  • Art Of Living In Season


    “What can I give him?”

    Growing up in her native Provence, in southern France, Sylvie Vanhoozer learned about the traditional Provenal creche. These nativity scenes were peopled by santons-“little saints”-each bringing their unique gifts to the baby Jesus. As her own life took her around the world, to England, Scotland, and the United States, she kept up the tradition of her native creche in her own home, adding to it souvenirs from each new place where she found herself.

    In The Art of Living in Season, Vanhoozer invites readers to join this communion of little saints and to follow them not only at Christmas but throughout the whole year. Each chapter introduces a new santon and opens up another aspect of our annual pilgrimage toward Christ. Structured as weekly reflections and illustrated with Vanhoozer’s own botanical illustrations, this book invites us to follow Christ in our own places and seasons of life, beginning by keeping in step with the rhythms of nature and the church calendar.

    The Art of Living in Season is a companion for everyday saints who wonder how they can follow Jesus-and what they can give him-wherever, whenever, and whoever they are.

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  • Hope Aint A Hustle


    Sometimes hope can feel like a scam-a swindle, a hustle. But as Christians, our hope cannot disappoint us because it is validated by God himself. In this accessible exploration of the epistle to the Hebrews, Irwyn Ince shows us how placing our confidence in our great high priest, Jesus Christ, changes the way we live in the here and now.

    Sometimes hope can feel like a scam-a swindle, a hustle. You thought it was real, and you bought into it. But then the tables turn, and you feel like you’ve been hustled-like you’ve been had.

    As Christians, we often respond to the brokenness of life as if we do not actually have hope-as if the promises of God are not really certain. But Pastor Irwyn Ince assures us that not only do we have hope, but that hope cannot disappoint us because it is validated by God himself. Hope Ain’t a Hustle is a clear and accessible exploration of the epistle to the Hebrews, urging us to place our confidence in the finished work of our great high priest, Jesus Christ, and showing how that confidence changes the way we live in the here and now.

    It’s not that Christians don’t face grief or anger, disappointment or deep sorrow. It’s that we don’t face them as those “who have no hope.”

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  • Non Anxious Life


    Do you, like so many of us, see anxiety as an incentive to perform? Or a proof of how much you care? Or is anxiety simply an unwelcome shadow over your days, bringing with it clenched teeth and an upset stomach?

    Anxiety leads us to succumb to fear and fight peace. Anxious living is a distortion of good motives, blocking the clarity of stillness and rest.

    Alan Fadling has also felt mastered by worry, but he brings counsel on how to learn a better way and who to look to for it: Jesus, “the ultimate non-anxious presence.” He constructs a posture from which we can rest more deeply, live more fully, and lead better. Fixing our minds on grace and eternity, we can begin to see the benefit of loosening our grip and operating from a sure foundation. Join Alan in releasing anxiety and taking up authentic love in A Non-Anxious Life.

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  • Forged : Following Jesus Into A New Kind Of Family


    Following the way of Jesus should lead us into authentic and life-giving relationships.

    The Jesus Way calls us into community with others to form a new kind of family–a forged family. In an era when our relationships with our families of origin are more complicated than ever, pastor T. C. Moore shows us how following the way of Jesus can lead us to forged families that are authentic and life-giving.

    Our forged families are the ones who love us for who we are and show up for us when we’re in desperate need. Our forged families are the ones with whom we’ve worked through conflict. Our forged families make us who we are, strengthen our faith, and sustain us through life’s many challenges.

    Forged weaves together stories from the author’s over twenty years of experience with urban, multiethnic ministry all over the US, principles from Scripture, and his own experience as an ex-gang member turned church planter and pastor to propose a way of approaching faith in community that rejects hierarchical, bureaucratic structures in favor of formative, inclusive friendships that last.

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  • Caregiving : Taking Care Of Yourself While Caring For Someone Else


    SKU (ISBN): 9781496483515ISBN10: 1496483510Debbie BarrBinding: Trade PaperPublished: February 2024Hope And HealingPublisher: Aspire Press – Hendrickson Publishing Group

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  • Crisis Of Confidence


    Carl Trueman Analyzes How Ancient Creeds and Confessions Protect and Promote Biblical Christianity in a Culture of Expressive Individualism

    Historic statements of faith-such as the Heidelberg Catechism, the Apostles’ Creed, and the Westminster Confession of Faith-have helped the Christian church articulate and adhere to God’s truth for centuries. However, many modern evangelicals reject these historic documents and the practices of catechesis, proclaiming their commitment to “no creed but the Bible.” And yet, in today’s rapidly changing culture, ancient liturgical tradition is not only biblical-it’s essential.

    In Crisis of Confidence, Carl Trueman analyzes how creeds and confessions can help the Christian church navigate modern concerns, particularly around the fraught issue of identity. He contends that statements of faith promote humility, moral structure, and a godly view of personhood, helping believers maintain a strong foundation amid a culture in crisis. This is a revised edition of Trueman’s The Creedal Imperative, now with a new section on the rise of expressive individualism.

    *Updated Edition of The Creedal Imperative: Includes fresh cultural insights on modern individualism

    *Written by Carl Trueman: Author of The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self (100,000+ copies sold)

    *Theological and Historical: Explains why creeds and confessions are necessary, how they have developed over time, and how they can function in the church of today and tomorrow

    *Ideal for Pastors, Professors, and Those Interested in Liturgical Tradition

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  • Empowered Witness : Politics, Culture, And The Spiritual Mission Of The Chu


    Rediscovering the Spirituality of the Church in Our Highly Politicized Age

    The goal of the church should be simple-share the gospel to the ends of the earth. But in our highly politicized age, Christians can tend to place earthly political and social agendas over God’s spiritual mission of the church.

    In Empowered Witness, author Alan D. Strange examines the doctrine of the spirituality of the church, making a clear distinction between the functions of the church and other institutions. Strange argues that if the church continues to push political agendas, no institution will be focused solely on the Great Commission and the gospel will be lost entirely. This book calls readers to become aware of the church’s power and limits and shed light on moral issues in a way that doesn’t alter the deeply spiritual and gospel-centered mission of the church.

    *Explores the Spirituality of the Church: An important biblical doctrine developed in the 19th century

    *Appeals to Thoughtful Laypeople and Church Leaders: Considers the critical distinctions between the church and other institutions

    *Historical: Examines the purpose of the church throughout history and the development of the spirituality of the church in the 19th century

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  • Worthy : How To Believe You Are Enough And Transform Your Life – Simple Ste


    What has self-doubt already cost you in your life?

    Imagine what you’d do if you FULLY believed in YOU! When you stop doubting your greatness, build unshakable self-worth and embrace who you are, you transform your entire life! WORTHY teaches you how, with simple steps that lead to life-changing results!

    Author Jamie Kern Lima’s first, instant New York Times bestselling book, Believe It, captured her journey of going from Denny’s waitress to billion-dollar entrepreneur by learning to believe in herself. And now her second, much anticipated, upcoming book
    WORTHY, is the playbook for how YOU can believe in YOU!

    If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt, felt like you don’t have what it takes…or that who you truly are isn’t enough, even if you’re really good at hiding it from the world, WORTHY is for you. If you’ve been underestimating your talent and gifts, or battle imposter syndrome,

    WORTHY is for you. If you’ve been letting fear of failure and rejection hold you back,

    WORTHY is for you. If you’ve learned to please others so much that you end up betraying yourself, WORTHY is for you. If you’re sick and tired of what self-doubt has already cost you in your life, in your goals, in your relationships, and in your hopes and dreams, WORTHY is for you! If you’re ready to expand your self-love, ignite your self-confidence and wakeup your self-worth, WORTHY is for you!!

    When you change what you believe you’re worthy of, you change your entire life.
    This book is about how to do that.


    *Get Unstuck from the Things Holding You Back
    *Build Unshakable Self-Love
    *Unlearn the Lies the Lead to Self-Doubt
    *Embrace The Truths That Wakeup Worthiness
    *Stop Dimming Your Light and Doubting Your Greatness
    *Let Go of Past Mistakes and Restore Self-Confidence
    *Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Embody Empowering Ones
    *Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection and Failure
    *Learn to Believe You’re Enough Exactly as You Are
    *Transform the Meaning You Give to Your Own Story and Identity
    *Follow the Roadmap for Achieving True Fulfillment in Life
    *Achieve Your Hopes and Dreams by Believing You Are Worthy of Them
    *Embrace Who You Truly Are
    *And much more…

    Are you ready to unleash your greatness and believe in the power that is YOU? Are you ready to finally stop believing the lies that you’re unlovable, unqualified or not (fill in the blank) enough? Are you ready to triumph over the thoughts holding you back, destroy self-d

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  • Prayers To Help You Thrive


    Life doesn’t always go your way, and during those times you may feel let down and unhappy. The world is full of cancelations, changes, and a great deal of pain. But, if you rely on God, put your faith in Him, and go to Him in prayer, you can thrive.

    Prayers to Help You Thrive is a beautiful mix of devotions, Scripture, prayers, and prompts that will help you develop and strengthen your time with God. Inside you’ll find:

    *gorgeous full-color pages with art, callout quotes, and room to write.

    *entries written by New York Times bestselling author Shauna Niequist, Chike Chukudebelu, Katie Hardeman, Margaret Hogan, Denise Hildreth Jones, Tsh Oxenreider, Rachel Randolph, and Alece Ronzino.

    *relevant topics of discussion such as social justice, economic equality, social media addiction, mental health, balance, prayer, relationships, and decision-making.

    You can read individually or invite friends and family members to join you. This book is perfect to use as a daily devotional or as a small-group resource. Work through each entry at whatever pace works for you–daily, every other day, or weekly.

    After completing Prayers to Help You Thrive you’ll:

    *have a deeper relationship with the Lord and a more consistent and meaningful prayer life.
    *learn how to thrive no matter what season of life you’re experiencing.
    *better understand how to handle sensitive topics with grace and hopefulness.

    Thriving can feel difficult in our day-to-day, especially when life’s curveballs come. But God’s purpose for you includes thriving in His goodness and living with joy and confidence–through a relationship with Him. Come to Him today and thrive in the life and hope that is yours in Christ.

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  • I Want God


    I Want God, now revised and updated, will help you focus on your true pursuit of God and watch Him move your soul. Lisa Whittle amplifies the solution to the heart cry of the “sick of me” life.

    It is in the heart of every person to want God, but life gets loud, and we forget Him. We get consumed by our problems, our desires, ourselves. We forget our first encounter with the Savior and how much we once wanted Him. But Lisa Whittle believes that if we calibrate our attention, refocusing on God determines the perspective for everything in our life:

    *what we fight for,
    *what we tolerate,
    *how we make decisions,
    *what we choose,
    *what we love,
    *what we chase,
    *what we let go of, and
    *what we are willing to change.

    A guidebook, a teacher, and a resource, all in one, I Want God brings rich simplicity to life-altering principles, perfect for your personal Lenten reflection. With her signature boldness and raw authenticity, author and podcast host of The Jesus Over Everything podcast, Lisa Whittle inspires with bottom line truth when we want Him and experience a soul revival, there is no limit to what we will do for Him.

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  • Overflowing Joy : What Jesus Says About A Joy-Filled Life


    Whether you’re facing the ordinary, daily pressures of squaring away today’s to-do list or an unexpected season of suffering that seems to have no end, sometimes it feels like Jesus’s promise of “overflowing joy” is simply not within reach for your real life.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    By journeying with you through Jesus’s words in John 15, author and Bible teacher Tara Dew reveals three surprising paths to a truly joy-filled life. If you’re willing to take Jesus up on His teaching, you’ll find that God’s pruning, God’s presence, and God’s commands have the power to deliver not just a taste of joy as a fruit God is developing in your life, but an overflowing bushel of it! The question is, are you willing?

    If so, prepare to experience a truly, fully, and genuinely joy-filled life–no matter the season or circumstance!

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  • 1st Belong To God


    “This is not a time to hunker down and lock our doors. I see clearly that the Lord is calling us out of ourselves, to get up and walk.” –From the Foreword by POPE FRANCIS

    Drawing on the wisdom of Pope Francis and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Austen Ivereigh has written a captivating spiritual guide for our turbulent age.

    Designed as an eight-day Ignatian retreat, First Belong to God serves as a roadmap to deeper discipleship. It does this by focusing on the three foundational forms of belonging: to God, to creation, and to others.

    Structured around the core principles of St. Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises, First Belong to God encapsulates the key aspects of the Francis pontificate:

    *the essence of being “God-belonging” entities
    *the way God’s mercy challenges our self-reliance
    *the journey to building the Kingdom in the footsteps of Christ
    *heeding the cry of the earth and the stranger
    *striving for fraternity by championing synodality

    Whether you’re embarking on a solitary spiritual expedition or a journey with like-minded individuals, First Belong to God offers the next best thing to a personal retreat with Pope Francis: a full-soul immersion into his wisdom via the classic Jesuit retreat that shaped him so profoundly.

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  • Deconstructing Your Faith Without Losing Yourself


    How to heal religious trauma by releasing harmful beliefs

    Have you experienced #ChurchHurt? Are you frustrated by judgmental church people supporting oppressive systems? Do you have doubts about the faith tradition you were raised in but are afraid of losing your community? Angela J. Herrington has been there. And with over a decade of experience as a life coach, she can teach you how to begin healing religious trauma through deconstruction.

    Lively and empathetic, Angela will gently guide you through deconstructing your faith. This concise and actionable handbook will:

    – give you permission to trust yourself,
    – show you how to seek new perspectives and information,
    – teach you how to embrace vulnerable exploration and self-compassion, and
    – help you release unhealthy beliefs that are harming you and marginalized persons.

    Deconstructing your long-held beliefs can be isolating and overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone. Begin your healing journey with Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself.

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  • Loving Adopted Children Well


    Based on Chapman’s best-selling The 5 Love Languages(R)–a specialized resource of intentional love for families of adopted children.

    Adoption brings unique challenges. Love and bonding don’t always come naturally. There can be emotional distress, frustration, and disappointment. In Loving Adopted Children Well, Dr. Gary Chapman along with professor and mom of adopted kids Dr. Laurel Shaler share how The 5 Love Languages(R) provide concrete steps to infusing love, hope, and attachment in your family.

    In addition to the beauty and healing you’ll discover in the chapters on the love languages–Service, Gifts, Physical Touch, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation–the authors provide essential chapters on subjects such as:

    *When You Don’t “Feel the Love”
    *Getting Spouses on the Same Page
    *Help for Single Parents
    *Stopping Sibling Rivalry
    *Support–Why it’s Needed and Where to Find It . . . and more.

    With empathy for adoptive parents, Chapman and Shaler provide an honest and invaluable resource of wisdom, joy, and healing. Apply the lessons from Loving Adopted Children Well, and you will see love grow and flourish in your home.

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  • We Shall All Be Changed


    Death teaches us how to live.

    When Whitney K. Pipkin’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she wasn’t ready. How could she be? She searched for resources that could help her walk through this heavy yet sacred time in her life. But she struggled to find the guidance she longed for in a season of anticipatory grief.

    We Shall All Be Changed is a companion for those experiencing the lonely season of suffering and death. In this book, Whitney reaches across the pages to hold the hand of the caregiver. Walking through death with a loved one can be incredibly isolating and unsettling. This book reminds us that we can experience God’s very presence in life’s dark and deep valleys. As Whitney draws from her own experience, she sheds light and hope. She shows that we are not alone. And she reveals the mysterious way that God ministers to and transforms us through death and suffering.

    Beautifully honest and theologically rich, Whitney invites us to consider death so that we might understand life and how to live it.

    Rather than wanting to run from discussions of death–as I did for so long–I now want to press into them, to wring from one of the hardest trials life has to offer every drop of sanctification and glory. I see now that having a front seat to my mom’s final days has forever changed the ones I have left to live. –Whitney Pipkin

    A book for those who are caring for the sick and dying . . . for those who will care for parents, family, or friends in their last days . . . and for those who have already walked this journey. This book is for us.

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  • Sexpectations : Reframing Your Good And Not-So-Good Stories About God, Love


    Redefine the Way You Look at God, Love, and Relationships

    Sex is a big deal–yet many Christians struggle to make sense of their sexual story in light of their faith. Porn addiction, hooking up, hating sex, same-sex attraction, fighting about sex, or past sexual harm become part of a cycle of shame you can’t escape.

    Offering a redemptive, practical path to sexual wholeness, physician and minister Dr. Carol Tanksley shows how to understand both the good and not-so-good parts of your sexual story. Drawing from real-life stories, biblical truth, and contemporary research, Dr. Carol empowers you to

    *reinterpret your sexual story with honesty and compassion
    *find freedom from shame, compulsive behaviors, past harm, and hiding
    *redefine the way you look at God, sex, love, and relationships
    *orient your sexuality as God intended and embrace what he has for your future

    Regardless of your relationship status, don’t let your past keep you from experiencing what you were created for: true intimacy with God and others. Reclaim his vision of sexuality and intimacy so you and He together can write your next chapter with hope.

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  • Awaken The Dreamscape


    Most Christians dismiss their dreams, yet they’re the gateway to the supernatural realm, the place where God reveals his plans and purposes. Diving deep into the supernatural side of your dreams, pastor and bestselling author Jennifer Eivaz offers a thorough, practical guide to navigating the vital, God-given dreamscape. Laying out a biblical framework, she empowers you to:

    – reawaken your spirit to God’s voice at night
    – discern the source and meaning of your dreams
    – discover the plans God reveals as you sleep
    – access supernatural weapons for any battle you face
    – overcome sleep disorders and night terrors
    – protect your sleep with night watch prayer

    God’s supernatural provision and communication never cease. Here is everything you need to live victoriously all day–and all night–long.

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  • You Are A Tree


    In a world dominated by technology and efficiency, we speak of ourselves as computers: we process things, we recharge. But theologian and podcaster Joy Marie Clarkson suggests that people are more tree than computer. Pushing back against the impersonal way of viewing ourselves and the world, this book examines how metaphorical descriptions of our life and experiences shape the way we think, pray, and live. Weaving together personal stories, Scripture, poetry, and art, Joy offers a series of meditations on metaphors we use in everyday life to understand things like wisdom, security, love, change, and sadness. These reflections will inspire you to

    *live with more joy, gratitude, and God-given purpose
    *create healthier expectations of ourselves and others
    *embrace the beauty of being a human crafted by God
    *infuse the world with new meaning

    When we grow more attentive to the words we use, our experiences of the world will become more rich and meaningful. We will see God, ourselves, our relationships, and the world in a new light and with a tapestry of scriptural imagery, full of hope, promise, and beauty.

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  • Untangle Your Emotions (Large Type)


    How often have you heard, “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you”? But what if instead of ignoring our feelings, we noticed them, named them, and let God use them to draw us closer to Himself and others?

    Many of us need to unlearn damaging messages about our emotions. We’ve been taught, for example, that emotions are untrustworthy, when, in fact, God can use them to help us see where we need His healing.

    In Untangle Your Emotions, Jennie Allen uses scientific research, biblical insight, and her own story to help you:

    *exchange stuffing, dismissing, or minimizing your emotions for a five-step process to know what you feel and what to do about it

    *debunk the myth that feelings are sinful by learning how emotional maturity leads to deeper connection with God and others

    *live emotionally healthy by applying biblical wisdom and therapeutic research that works whether you self-identify as “emotional” or not

    *sit with feelings that are confusing and painful by discovering the depth of God’s love and compassion for you

    Feelings aren’t something to fix; they are something to feel. As we discover how to name and navigate our emotions, we’ll learn how they can draw us closer to the God who built us–soul, mind, and heart.

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  • Arise And Shine


    When the darkness of the world feels overwhelming, we wonder, Where can I find light?

    And even more, How can I be the light?

    Pediatric nurse Allyson Golden faces the hardest realities of life-and death-every day. She longed to be a light for Christ in every patient’s room, but she didn’t know what that looked like when she could hardly find that light herself.

    As Allyson immersed herself in Scripture, she began to understand the transformative truth that we have no power to shine on our own, but the Light of the World shines through us-and no darkness can overcome it.

    In Arise and Shine, Allyson explores our deepest questions:

    * Can Jesus shine through me even when I doubt His presence?
    * Does shining God’s light mean being cheerful all the time?
    * How can I hold on to God’s light-and is that even a thing?
    * Why is it so hard to give my burdens to God?
    * Is the darkness ever going to go away?

    With practical action steps at the end of every chapter, Arise and Shine helps you renew your mind, recharge your spirit, and take a positive step forward, because nothing can dim the light inside of you.

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  • Defiant Joy : Find The Hope To Light Your Way, Even In The Darkness


    When Jennifer Greenberg escaped her abusive childhood home at the age of twenty-one, she found that few Christians knew how to encourage her. Platitudes such as, “God won’t give you more than you can handle,” “Forgive and forget,” and “Have faith!” left her feeling misunderstood and alone. Would she ever be whole again? Could joy exist for someone so broken?

    By discarding false theology and toxic positivity, Greenberg discovered joy beyond anything she was taught in church: joy that’s a gift from God. In her new book, Defiant Joy, Greenberg shares this groundbreaking hope as she explores:

    – why philosophies like the prosperity gospel and legalism fail us
    – how Jesus is with us amid our sadness, disappointment, anger, and anxiety
    – how God’s joy far exceeds any emotion we can muster

    God doesn’t want you to pretend you’re okay. Discover the freedom of living beyond performance faith. Embrace a joy that shines in defiance of the darkness.

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  • Liturgies For Wholeness


    What if my current life is preparing me for something I can’t see?

    Oh God, when I feel overlooked and forgotten,
    when I ache to be important,
    redirect my heart to You who remembers me.

    When your spirit is restless and you can’t find the words, these modern-day liturgies help you articulate your brokenness to the God who calls you beloved.

    The lyrical prayers in Liturgies for Wholeness name our longings–the ache for physical rest, the grief over something we never had, the desire for healing in a relationship–even as they call us to notice the blessing of washing our face and watching nightfall and sink deep into an awareness of God’s presence.

    Divided into eight sections–including Mind, Senses, Body, Home, and Community–these liturgies can be read communally or individually to bring you into greater intimacy with God.
    Each prayer includes related Scripture references to offer you further opportunity for meditation and reflection.

    With each liturgy in Liturgies for Wholeness, may you sense God’s deep desire for you and may you delight in the only One who can make you whole.

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  • Untangle Your Emotions


    How often have you heard, “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you”? But what if instead of ignoring our feelings, we noticed them, named them, and let God use them to draw us closer to Himself and others?

    Many of us need to unlearn damaging messages about our emotions. We’ve been taught, for example, that emotions are untrustworthy, when, in fact, God can use them to help us see where we need His healing.

    In Untangle Your Emotions, Jennie Allen uses scientific research, biblical insight, and her own story to help you:

    *exchange stuffing, dismissing, or minimizing your emotions for a five-step process to know what you feel and what to do about it

    *debunk the myth that feelings are sinful by learning how emotional maturity leads to deeper connection with God and others

    *live emotionally healthy by applying biblical wisdom and therapeutic research that works whether you self-identify as “emotional” or not

    *sit with feelings that are confusing and painful by discovering the depth of God’s love and compassion for you

    Feelings aren’t something to fix; they are something to feel. As we discover how to name and navigate our emotions, we’ll learn how they can draw us closer to the God who built us–soul, mind, and heart.

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  • Rescue Story : Faith, Freedom, And Finding My Way Home


    From a hard-rocking life fueled by substance abuse to a hope-filled life of freedom and joy–this is music star Zach Williams’s bold and vulnerable story of faith and redemption.

    Before two-time GRAMMY Award winner Zach Williams penned heartfelt, faith-filled ballads like “Chain Breaker,” “There Was Jesus (featuring Dolly Parton),” and “Fear Is a Liar,” there was darkness. A rock-and-roll singer who thought he had all he ever wanted to make him happy, Zach instead felt empty. The drugs, alcohol, and late-night gigs played around the world couldn’t satisfy the longing in his heart for a place to belong. He was desperate for change.

    It came while on tour in Spain with his band, and in this powerful and poignant memoir, Zach shares in vivid detail his personal Rescue Story. He reflects on his childhood and the prophecy that kept his parents from giving up hope, his descent into the substance abuse that held him captive for so long, and ultimately the rescue he didn’t think was possible but embraced with open arms.

    A compelling, honest story of God’s unconditional love, grace, and redemption, Rescue Story shares the intimate journey of a beloved music artist and challenges you to seek resilient hope in the trials of your own life–because Jesus offers real freedom and joy, despite the mistakes of your past.

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  • Think Ahead Workbook (Workbook)


    We all want to make great decisions, but frequently, we don’t. When the moment of truth arrives, we make choices that we later regret. It causes us to wonder if we actually can begin to make better decisions for our lives.

    Pastor and bestselling author Craig Groeschel understands this dilemma that we all face. From both personal experience and as a minister and counselor to others, he knows what it is like to be trapped in a cycle of bad decision-making. But over time, he has discovered how to short-circuit the bad-decision cycle, make wise decisions, and begin to become the person God wants us to be.

    In the Think Ahead Workbook, which accompanies the book of the same name, Craig draws on the truth of Scripture and the latest research in human behavior to reveal the power of making decisions in advance–what we might call “pre-deciding”–to position ourselves to make the choices we really want to make and avoid those choices that we do not want to make. In the process, he reveals:

    *The science behind many of our decision-making habits
    *How our small choices shape the kind of people we become
    *Practical steps we can employ to combat decision fatigue
    *How to develop the ability to diminish the role of emotions in decision-making

    Are you ready to choose who you will become and live the life you really want to live? If so, this workbook will provide you with a clear biblical path on how to get there and think ahead.

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  • Cross Our Glory


    The Cross, Our Glory Reflections on Christ’s Triumphant Sacrifice is a rich collection of messages by Charles H. Spurgeon on the Jesus’ journey from the garden of Gethsemane to Calvary. Spurgeon’s direct, compassionate, deep words surrounding Christ’s passion and His death will engage any reader eager to grow in their knowledge of Christ’s love for humankind.

    Sample of selected sermon themes:

    *Mourning at the Sight of the Crucified
    *The Crown of Thorns
    *The Believing Thief
    *The Messages of Our Lord’s Love
    *The Cross, Our Glory

    Spurgeon published over two thousand of his sermons, as well as numerous books, which constitute the largest collection of work by a single author. His printed Sunday sermons were so popular that they were literally sold by the ton. He continually appealed to his audiences to allow the Lord to minister to them individually. Highlighted with splashes of spontaneous, delightful humor, his teachings still provide direction to all who are seeking true joy and genuine intimacy with God.

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  • End Of The World As You Know It


    Thinking about the end times isn’t supposed to terrify you

    Christians rightly turn to the Bible to make sense of our times. But so often we get the wrong answers because we ask the wrong questions.

    In The End of the World as You Know It, Matthew L. Halsted challenges common end-times assumptions and points us back to Scripture. Each chapter reevaluates a popular question in light of the Bible’s own concerns: Will Christians be raptured? What is the mark of the beast? When we let Scripture direct our questions, we get better-and more hopeful-answers.

    The Bible was written for us, but not to us. We must bridge the gap between Scripture’s ancient context and our own. Reading end-times texts in their ancient context helps us understand our present and future. And when we do, we find that God’s word brings peace, not fear and confusion.

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  • Home Built From Love And Loss


    Grieving is part of every blended family.

    Sabrina and her new husband were both widowed when their families blended, so grieving was expected. They recognized the losses suffered in their families would take time to heal. What they have since learned is that every blended family experiences grieving whether you are widowed or divorced. And the process usually takes longer than expected.

    Sabrina vulnerably shares her personal experiences and struggles, revealing her mistakes and fears that she had early on in her new marriage and with her new family. In A Home Built from Love and Loss, you’ll learn to:

    *work through different parenting styles as a stepmother or stepfather;

    *parent kids in different ages and stages of development (hormones, personalities, and power dynamics);

    *compassionately address chaos and hurt feelings together and independently;

    *deal with feelings of guilt;

    *handle initial rejection from stepchildren;

    *glean biblical wisdom on how to do life together with grace;

    *connect better on an emotional level with your newly-formed family while keeping traditions that have grounded your family; and

    *honor the bereaved or divorced spouse.

    For anyone facing the challenges of blended families, A Home Built from Love and Loss offers practical advice and spiritual guidance to find hope in the midst of grief.

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  • Vision Of Jesus


    What if Genesis through Revelation is just the beginning of knowing who God is?

    This book will guide you into a deeper understanding and intimacy with God as you study who He is as the resurrected King. You will have a better grasp of the book of Revelation and who Jesus is revealed in this powerful part of Scripture.

    The image we have of Jesus is one that affects the way we act as Christians and the way we take the gospel to the world. That image has sometimes been reflected badly because we do not have a fully rounded image of the Jesus we love and worship. Indeed, some modern concepts of Jesus in the church would be difficult to worship.

    In Revelation 1, Jesus appears in a vision given to the apostle John. It is an awesome, majestic vision. The Bible, perhaps intentionally, doesn’t give us much information about what Jesus looked like in human form. Yet here in John’s apocalyptic book, God gives us an image that transcends the incarnation, an image of Jesus we can really focus on. In A Vision of Jesus, respected Bible teacher R.T. Kendall mines Revelation 1 to show readers:

    *The unique promise of the Book of Revelation
    *What Revelation teaches us about how to handle guilt, jealousy, and the unexpected
    *Who God is and how Jesus is the fulfilment of the Old Testament pictures, as well as our great High Priest, the King, and more

    In these pages, Kendall guides readers toward a faith enriched by a more complete image of the Savior. Engaging and enlightening, this book will inspire Christians to renew their devotion to Jesus and share His transformative love with the world.

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  • Blood Revised Edition (Revised)


    The Cross is so much more than a story. It’s the most powerful event in all of human history!

    After reading this book I will have a greater appreciation for what Christ did on the cross for me. I will know the true power and beauty of His love for me as I learn about who He is through the Scriptures and His Holy Spirit.

    Christians are still trying to find the key to supernatural grace, protection, and mercy. Benny Hinn unlocks the reality of the power of the blood of Jesus in this book, which includes an interactive study guide.

    Using accounts of healings, salvation, and miraculous deliverances, this revised edition emphasizes biblical concepts and explains how to apply foundational truths about the blood of Jesus to every aspect of life. In this unique, interactive book, readers will:

    *Discover the importance God place on blood covenants.
    *Recognize areas of sin where your own flesh is tempted
    *Experience the power of the blood of Jesus.
    *Understand how fearing God does not mean being afraid of Him.
    *Enter into the Holy Spirit’s presence through the blood of His Son.

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  • Peace Be Still


    Take a Daily Break from the Busyness of Life

    When your soul longs for true peace. . .you can turn to the only One who is able to hush your troubled heart. You’ll be encouraged and comforted by these daily, devotional-like prayers–created to bring calm and much-needed stillness to your life. Featuring 365 scriptures and prayers, for both morning and evening quiet time, Peace, Be Still delivers a break from the busyness and bustle–exactly what your heart needs on the hard days!

    Topics include:

    Rest, the Goodness of God, Belonging, Surrender, Strength, God’s Protection, and more

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  • Dont Give Up Just Yet


    When it rains in life it pours.

    With each wave of resistance in life, it can be so tempting to simply give up. To quit the difficult calling. To leave the meaningful relationship. To walk away from the dreams God placed on your heart.

    If this is where you find yourself, take heart. Nick Connolly has also been there and he’s written Don’t Give Up Just Yet for you to find the motivation and encouragement to help you to keep going. Together, we’ll discover:

    *Seven different areas of our lives where resistance shows up and wreaks havoc
    *How to work through struggles like doubt and seasons of waiting
    *What the Bible has to say about dark nights of the soul
    *When walking away is actually the right and healthy choice
    *How to make difficult times work for your faith, not against it.

    God hasn’t let go of you. The other side of this hard time is closer than you think. Join Nick in the journey to choose persistence in the face of resistance; find renewed energy and faith; and confidently pursue the promise of who God made you to be.

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